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Everything you ever wanted to know about Clip Clip Hooray - and then some!

Everything You Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!

Clip Clip Hooray is located at 2D Bond Street in Westminster, right on the corner of Main and Bond. We share a building with the Pawn Shop and are directly across the street from the side entrance of the BB&T.

Reach us at 410-848-6863 or

CCH is Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Drop off hours are between 7:30 and 8:45 AM. Please do not be late. A late fee of $10 per pet will be applied or your appointment will be cancelled.

The Store is open 11AM to 4PM.

All pets must be picked up NO LATER than 3:45. Pets picked up later will be charged a late fee of $10 after 4PM and $25 per half hour thereafter. We will be unable to schedule grooms for repeat offenders. So PLEASE, just pick up and drop off on time!

Currently Clip Clip Hooray is able to schedule grooming appointments within ONE WEEK! However, we are not able to offer same day appointments.

All dogs and cats over 6 months of age are required, BY LAW, to have current Rabies vaccination. CCH requires proof in writing from your veterinarian. This can be in the form of the actual Rabies Certificate, a receipt with the date given/due on it or a proof of vaccination letter from your vet.

Collar tags are not accepted as proof of vaccination, since they lack the vital information, such as the pets name, date given and date due.

Pets without veterinarian proof of current Rabies vaccination will be sent home. Pets with expired Rabies vaccination will be sent home. Save yourself some hassle and make sure they're current!

CCH's prices for grooming are based on many factors including, size, hair type, hair length, coat condition, behavior and temperament, and haircut desired.

A groom always includes a bath, brush out, nails trimmed and filed (if tolerated), ears cleaned and plucked (if needed).

If your dog needs a haircut we will be happy to discuss it with you when dropping off on groom day. It's hard to talk haircuts over the phone, since we can't see the dog!

Cat baths are complimentary and are done only if the cat is relaxed enough to receive one.

CCH does not express anal sacs (glands) this is a medical procedure and should only be done by a veterinarian or veterinary technician.

CCH does not offer any medical services or boarding.

Clip Clip Hooray does offer a wonderful place to get your dog or cat groomed! We are also able to do nail trims on bunnies, ferrets and guinea pigs.

We offer the following walk in services during regular store hours: Nail trims, ear cleaning, minor brush outs, sanitary trims, toothbrushing and application of Soft Paws. Please call for details!

CCH suggests calling ahead for walk in services, just to make sure we're here! (Some afternoons are spent at the laundromat, bank, errands etc.)

Clip Clip Hooray is happy to offer a wide array of toys, clothing, collars/leashes, grooming products, treats and gifts. Our toys are tested by our own pets for durability and fun! Grooming products are professional grade products used every day in the store! Stop in to check out our selection of gifts for pet lovers including, charms, keychains, flower pots, funny signs and stickers, picture frames and more. We have the best selection and great prices!

Clip Clip Hooray is also happy to seek out that special something you want. We're also able to order items not in the store, like crates, bedding or specialty items.

Wow, that's alot of information! Hopefully, that covers it all. For questions please call 410-848-6863, or email Or stop on in and visit us in person!